General Intoduction

Masep Rotary Gamma Ray Stereotactic Extracranial System is a new product that owns independent property right after our Intracranial System. The treatment range extends from neck to whole body. It destroys pathological changes in a short time and causes little damage to healthy tissues surrounding the target. It provides a new method for tumor treatment.

Masep Rotary Gamma Ray Stereotactic Extracranial System is featured with high dosing, high precision and good cure rate to patients who need not go through surgical operations causing bleeding and pain. This is non-invasive and provides a completely new therapeutic approach to the treatment of tumors.
Rooting design in a human-friendly concept
1.       Slanting isometric rotate focusing reduces the defect of patient抯 epidermic burning due to large radiation dose. It eliminates most radiation burning to patient.
2.       Open frame and hanging radiation source design in Type C machine increase visual angle to doctors observing treatment process and reduce depression of patient during treatment.
3.       Three-dimensional motion treatment bed capable of circling and tilting by �20o reduces harm to healthy tissue from radiation ray by shooting rays easily to the right position of patient.
4.       Shielding structure for the 25 radiation sources laid in a concentrating sequence in one quadrant achieves most shielding effect when machined is stopped. It also makes the machine structure more human friendly, more reliable and more flexible for operation.
5.       Treatment Planning System (TPS) can transfer real time images through networking.
6.       Intelligence control system with high degree of automation and high reliability provides a user-friendly operating interface. Treatment planning data and its verification are handled by the intelligent programming, thus rendering the operator better concentrate on the treatment itself. Features such as redundant interlocking and alarming devices, dual-timers, uninterruptible power supply, simulation treatment under fail-safe condition (shielding door closed) are installed to achieve  safety and reliability for both patient and doctor..
Accurate Positioning
Deviation between mechanic positioning and radiation field centre: =0.5 mm.
Overall aiming accuracy by the 3-dimensional mechanic positioning system: =2.5mm
Repeat aiming accuracy: =2.5mm
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